Updating old systems to new realities

CTRL+R, the symbol for refreshing
How often have you been stuck on a page and had to restart your browser? We've all been there.

But what if we're stuck in reality?

Today more than ever, we are aware that sometimes we need to #reload, #recharge or #refresh our lives, environment, and system.
We are stuck between global crises like the pandemic, recession and climate change.
But, we are also in control of updating old systems to new realities!

Let's have a #realtalk about how we can create new beginnings and reinvent ourselves.
With our brilliant speakers, dive in and hear stories that show true power and faith to #reload, #recharge, and #refresh.

March 18
13:00 - 17:00 CET
Aula Medica


Dr. Anders Tegnell

State Epidemiologist

Deputy Director General as well as the Head of the Department of Public Health Analysis and Data Management at the Public Health Agency. With an MD/PhD in infectious diseases and a Master in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Dr. Tegnell has published some 80 scientific papers. Additionally, he has extensive experience of leading different Swedish government agencies at different levels in the field of public health, disease control and preparedness for health threats, and has also experience from international work, for example from Laos in 1990-1993 (WHO) and from DRC during the Ebola outbreak in 1995. Before this position, he was responsible for a department of the National Board of Health and Welfare dealing with knowledge management, developing guidelines and recommendations in all of the Boards areas of responsibility. He has worked with preparedness for health threats in different settings since the early 2000. He has among many others developed the pandemic plans in Sweden. He has been involved and managed health threats starting with the Ebola outbreak in Zaire in 1995.

Helena Samsioe

Founder & CEO at GLOBHE

GLOBHE is a tech company on a mission to create a better future with drones through the world's first Crowddroning Platform. Helena is a firm believer that “the future of the possible” is already here and is passionate about using innovative technology and collaborations to show it. Helena has been named World's Top 50 Women in Tech by Forbes, received Årets Svensk/Swede of the Year Innovation 2020, ranked among the top 100 young business leaders in Sweden, ranked as a top AI Thought Leader, named among the Top Women to Watch in the Drone Industry, nominated for Digital Influencer of the Year, and has been featured as the "Drone Queen" on BBC. Helena is passionate about promoting diversity and reducing the gender gap in tech and frequently speaks, educates and creates action on the subject to make it happen within her lifetime.

Claudia Gård

Co-founder & COO at GoFrendly

With a lifelong desire to work for a better society and break barriers in areas that aren’t usually given to women of color, Claudia worked as a police officer in Stockholm city for several years. Years later, she found a gap in the market. We live in a society where individualism is highly valued. But how do we connect? Why is the feeling of loneliness palpable for the larger population? Claudia decided to break new barriers and entered the tech scene with a bold vision to revolutionize friendship match-making.

Oliver Fleetwood

Co-founder & CTO at Alex Therapeutics

Alex Therapeutics develops smart standalone digital therapies for addiction and mental health. Oliver has a PhD in theoretical computational biophysics, years of startup experience, and is passionate about bringing tech and analytical methods into the real world.

Elin Kjos

Former Elite Swimmer

Elin is an entrepreneur in physical training & health and a life inspirer with the motto “Life is here and now”. Since two years back, she lives with the diagnosis of an incurable lung cancer and wants to inspire others to dare others to live life to its fullest everyday - regardless of diagnoses or challenges in life.

Hannaneh Yazdi

Industrial PhD Candidate at Volvo Cars and Karolinska Institutet

Hannaneh Yazdi is investigating an interdisciplinary attempt to define a new method to evaluate human interaction with technology; particularly, the potential for measuring physiological indicators of experienced frustration in driving. She had worked in various positions in Product Development and Program Office inside Research and Development (R&D) prior to her PhD position at Volvo Cars. She was voted as “Diversity and Inclusion Champion” and has been an advocate of cognitive diversity at Volvo Cars. Currently, she is now leading the Female Leaders Community of Practice at Volvo Cars besides her PhD research project.


Haliott & Marik

Modern Jazz Quartet

Haliott & Marik is a modern jazz quartet consisting of Harald Olin on drums, Eliott Remmer on bass, Markus Wesslen on saxophone and Erik Nordmark on piano. The group met during their studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where they found their common background in music studies and love for improvisational music and engineering. Since jazz is a good platform for improvisation, Haliott & Marik use jazz as a base for their compositions but with modern influences from beat and latin music incorporated as well.



HATAMI's background is in civil engineering where he studied at the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan). During his last year at KTH he re-ignited his passion for music and has since then independently managed to create a name for himself with his unique sound and production style. With music as his vehicle he hopes to inspire people to become what they truly are destined to be. His aim is to become internationally known and to be one of the greatest producers of all time.