Updating old systems to new realities

March 18
13:00 - 17:00 CET
Aula Medica

CTRL+R, the symbol for refreshing:
How often have you been stuck on a page and had to restart your browser? We've all been there.

But what if we're stuck in reality?
Today more than ever, we are aware that sometimes we need to #reload, #recharge or #refresh our lives, environment, and system. We are stuck between global crises like the pandemic, recession and climate change. But, we are also in control of updating old systems to new realities!

Let's have a #realtalk about how we can create new beginnings and reinvent ourselves.
With our brilliant speakers, dive in and hear stories that show true power and faith to #reload, #recharge, and #refresh.


Dr. Anders Tegnell

State Epidemiologist

Helena Samsioe

Founder & CEO at GLOBHE

Claudia Gård

Co-founder & COO at GoFrendly

Oliver Fleetwood

Co-founder & CTO at Alex Therapeutics

Elin Kjos

Former Elite Swimmer

Hannaneh Yazdi

Industrial PhD Candidate at Volvo Cars and Karolinska Institutet

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